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There are three types of DIY lamp shade paper - the blank paper,  the DIY coloring paper, and the ready-to-apply paper designed by HOBBYLight. 

Regardless of your choice, yours will be a unique ONE.​

Super-simple DIY processes

You can teach the kids to make theirs too

ONE's lamp shade is made of frost acrylics, and it takes only a few simple steps to fixate the DIY shade paper to the shade.

Fill in your favorite color combinations

DIY Assembly

Take a look,

and you can start making 

your lamp in minutes.

And try out different decorating materials

The alcohol-based marker is the ideal tool for coloring the lamp shade, and it's especially fun to see the lamp you make glowing in the dark. 

The two lamps on the left actually share the same pattern, but with different coloring approaches they can look very different.


Therefore, each ONE is a unique one!

ONE Lamp Set

ONE Base + Lamp Shade

¥ 6,000 (税抜)

This stylish geometric-shaped pattern is created with colored tapes.

However, this is just one of the many materials that can be used to decorate the lamp. More to be tried, and even more awaits you to share with us!


©  HOBBYLight International
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