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HOBBYLight is not just the name of our company, it's also what we do.

We design LED lighting that compliments your hobby collection and

makes them look more delicate.




Before we developed a series of lighting products,

we have long pondered on the meaning of the word "collection". 


Does it mean a good-looking, sought-after limited edition product that you

spent a fortune on and that is now wrapped in a box and carefully placed

somewhere in the storage? 

Could you or other people appreciate the collection if that's in the storage?



We decided to visit many museums to find the answer. 

We figure that people flock to museums and galleries for the artworks that are carefully presented and curated, not for the precious collections that are locked up in maximum security inside the museum vault. It's the ambience, the lighting, and the set-up in the airy environment that make a successful exhibition.

Therefore, our design philosophy surrounds the concept

which is to better present and enhance the value of your collection via proper lighting. Your collection may or may not be museum-worthy, with HOBBYLight products, you could transform your collection into your very own gallery nonetheless!

©  HOBBYLight International
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