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At HOBBYLight, we think that a lamp is more than the device of illumination.

It is the device that help create cozy ambience in your place;

it delivers serenity and a sense of hope when glowing in the dark.

More importantly, like other furniture, the lamps expresses your style

and show your personality. 

That's why ONE, the lamp that is all about style and coziness, is conceived.

ONE Base
ONE Lamp Shade
DIY Lamp Shade Paper


There are two simple ways to control ONE - via remote control or via touch action. The surface of the remote control is too made of natural bamboo. Regardless of your choice of the control, elegance and ease of use is always guaranteed!

Remote Control
Touch Control

Dimming Functions

ONE is dimmable with 3 light output levels, and among them the most interesting feature is the "candle light" function. The light mimics the flickering of a candle while all under the coolness and safety of the LED.

Let's Collaborate

Whether you are a graphic artist, a store owner, or a restauranteur, we'd love to take part in the merchandizing of your artwork and store decoration. Create your own pattern, send it to us, and share it with your loyal customers.

US $68.00

ONE Base + Lamp Shade

ONE Lamp Set
©  HOBBYLight International
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