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Although HOBBYLight Miniature Track Light is small and versatile enough, we figure that no every place is equipped with power outlets. Therefore, we applied took the same design concept and came up with a series of spotlights powered by USB。

Whether you are to participate a trade show, to install a lamp in a cabinet where wiring is not possible, or to add a light source just to make the room look cozier, no electrician or wiring is required. As long as you have a spare USB socket in hands, the beautiful spotlighting is always a plug away.

Dead Angle?


With a 360-degree rotation angle*, you can rest assure that there's no more dead angle.

*5cm USB Spotlight has a 330-degree rotation angle.

Where Light's Needed

The versatility of the 5cm Miniature Spotlight allows it to be placed wherever light is needed. You may installed it up-side-down to create cabinet lighting. Place it on the wall by your bedside, and there you have a reading light. You can do it all without an electrician.

Blackout? No Worry.  

It Doubles as a Flashlight

Technical Specs

Color : Black, White

Color Temperature : 3000 K (Warm White), 4000K (Natural White), 5000K (Cool White)

Power Consumption : 1W

No. of LEDs : 1 LED (OSRAM LED equipped)

Luminous Flux : 80 lm*

Color Rendering Index (CRI) : > 80

Materials : Nylon 6 Plastic, ABS Plastic, PC Plastic, Aluminum, FR4 Circuit Board, Wires, Brass

Light Angle : 20°






US $20.50

USB Spotlight x 1、Color Lens Set x 1

USB Miniature Spotlight 5cm 
©  HOBBYLight International
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