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We know how important your collection is to you, and that's exactly why

we designed the HOBBYLight Miniature Track Light.

We took inspiration from the track lighting in museums, and we kept shrinking the track lights until they are small enough to be installed unobtrusively inside the cabinets.

We cannot guarantee that your collection will end up in museum one day, but with HOBBYLight Miniature Track Light you could transform

every cabinet into your very own gallery.

Glide Freely


You'll be able to glide the lamps freely along the track. From one corner to another, there will be no more hard-to-reach areas for your lighting.


This is the track light in action.

It takes a minute to watch the

video, and it only takes a couple

more for your track light to be installed

Linear vs Spotlighting

The traditional LED light bar does a great job in lighting up a space evenly, but this also means that the areas on the background will look just as bright as the collection you'd like to put an accent on. In contrast, the HOBBYLight Miniature Track Light create dark and light zones that highlight the importance of the collection while leaving the background in darkness.


The Miniature Track Light can be easily integrated to your custom shelves. Simply ask your contractor to mill a 2 x 1cm gutter, and you will be able to secure and hide the tracks elegantly. 

Track Extension

(TYPE B Switch)

(TYPE A Switch)


Technical Specs

Color : Black, White

Color Temperature : 3000 K (Warm White), 4000K (Natural White), 5000K (Cool White)

Power Consumption : 1W (per lamp)

No. of LEDs : 1 LED (OSRAM LED equipped)

Luminous Flux : 80 lm*

Color Rendering Index (CRI) : > 80

Materials : Nylon 6 Plastic, ABS Plastic, PC Plastic, Aluminum, FR4 Circuit Board, Wires, Brass

Light Angle : 20°


LED Miniature Track Light Set

Miniature Track Light x 6, Track x 2

US $115.00
©  HOBBYLight International
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